4 thoughts on “Visitors to our blog from around the world – check our Clustermap!

  1. Hi boys,
    Thank you for showing me where your families are from. Can you find Italy? That is where my family come from.
    From Mrs. Davey

  2. Hi Mrs Davey,

    Our families also come from Italy. We found Italy on the globe. Mrs. Egerton is going to put the photo above, so keep an eye out for it. Did you know it is shaped like a boot? Did you hear that there are some volcanoes in Italy?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Hi Mrs Davey,

    My parents are Italian too. Did you know that Italy won against England in the Soccer on Monday night? And now Italy and Germany are playing against each other for a spot in the final. I hope Italy wins!

  4. Dear Mrs Egerton and class 1/2 N.E

    I have just sent an email to my friend Julia who lives in Poland.

    I sent her the link to our blog. I can’t wait for her to see what we do in class.

    From Annabelle

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