Text-to-Text Connections

Making connections with texts helps us to build understanding of stories and our world.

Students in 1/2NE are learning about making connections between texts by:

  • comparing characters (personalities, emotions & actions)
  • comparing the main message in stories
  • explaining how the connection they make helps them to understand (by using ‘because…’)

Here are some Text-to-Text connections from the students.  Please leave some feedback for the students, keeping in mind the above dot points.

Noa – The girl character that was looking for her bear the whole day.  I felt sad because she couldn’t find it.  That reminds me of the bear in ‘No Bears’, because in ‘No Bears’ the bear was hard to find.

Jasmine – The girl in ‘No Bears’, wanted no bears and she didn’t like bears because she was scared.  This reminds me of Little Red Hood was scared of the Big Bad Wolf.  This helps me know how the girl is feeling.