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Strategies we use


Learning Intention

We are learning to solve addition problems using different  strategies

  • I count on to add two numbers together (from the larger number)
  • I build to 10 (or 100) to make adding numbers together easier.
  • I use doubles and near double to add

What is a strategy you like to use in Maths?  Give an example when you might use this strategy.

Writing Reports

Learning Intention
We are learning to write a report so that we can inform others about living things.

Success Criteria
•I have a title

• I have introduce the living thing by classifying it or saying what it is.

• I have described at least 2 things about the living thing
□Life Cycle
• I have ended with an interesting fact
• I have a labelled illustration/drawing

Visit the Living Things page and read some animal facts.  Choose one animal to write an information report with mum or dad.

Post your information report here for people to give you feedback.  Remember to check the success criteria (you could leave the illustration out).