How to comment on our blog

Leaving a blog comment is easy!  Not only is it a great way to interact with us but it is also very rewarding for children to be able to connect with people that have taken the time to visit our blog.  So if you visit, please leave us a comment!
Here’s how to do it:
1) You can either click on the HEADING of the post you wish to comment on OR click on the underlined COMMENTS link under the post.  Both of these will direct you to the same place. (If there is glitter text in the heading, click on the COMMENTS link)
2)  Type your comment in the comment box titled ‘leave a reply’.
3) You should identify yourself by first name only, or ‘Billy’s Mum/Dad’ etc.
4) Type in the anti-spam password as it appears (this stops advertisers using our blog)
5) Press submit comment
6)  Mrs Egerton must approve your comment before it appears on the blog (for safety reasons)
7)  Make sure you check back in to see if you have a reply to your comment and reply again where possible – conversations are what keep the blog ‘alive’!

Web Log’s or ‘Blog’s’ are a type of online journal that is made up of ‘posts’ that are shared on the world wide web (www).  Aside from sharing events and ideas, blogs are a great way to initiate discussion about particular subjects or ideas.  In essence, it is this interactive aspect of a blog that makes it really interesting and why leaving quality comments on post’s (blog entries)  is so important.


Some tips on how you can leave a quality blog comment:

1> Blog comments should read like a letter featuring a greeting, some new information or question related to the subject and a closing.
2>  Be sure to check spelling, grammar and punctuation
3>  No personal information should be left in a comment
4> The comments section on a blog are strictly a ‘no put down’ zone
5> Ask an adult to read over your post before you submit it
6>  Don’t forget to keep your comment relevant to the post topic and check back often for replies!


10 thoughts on “How to comment on our blog

  1. Good Morning Everybody,
    I can not wait to read about all of the exciting things you are learning.
    Have a great day.
    Shelley ( Kooper’s Mum)

  2. Good Morning Mrs Egerton and Class,
    It is wonderful to be able to be a part of your blog. Thank you for inviting us to join in.
    From Vesna (Chantel’s mum)

  3. Hello Mrs Egerton and class,
    What a great initiative. Look forward to the class sharing their learning experiences via their blogs.

  4. Wow, how amazing is this blog !!!! Well done to the class 1 /2 NE and of course Mrs Egerton for this wonderful idea. We are all really excited and looking forward to the fabulous work that appears in the blog from the students. Sophie just wanted to say that “You’re the BEST Mrs Egerton”.

  5. Hi Class,

    I am looking forward to seeing what you all get up to in your school days. Alessia is happy to be back with you all and we loved sending you all messages from Thailand. I am happy to know that you all loved the elephants.

  6. Hi Mrs Egerton and Class,

    You are all going to teach me a thing or two on this blog because I have NEVER commented on a blog before! So this will be fun for Olivia as well as ME!
    I look forward to ‘blogging’ in every few days and seeing what you are all getting up to.

  7. Hello Mrs Egerton,
    I am very impressed with your class blog and especially enjoyed watching the clip about orange juice.

    Congratulations on what you have achieved so far. You are way ahead of me!!! I am looking forward to what you will post next.

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