8 thoughts on “Sites for Students

  1. Great to hear Jade & Annabelle!
    Have you explored Literacy or Maths Zone?
    Let everyone know what you think about them.

  2. Hi Dijana,
    All I can suggest at this stage is using the ‘search’ tool at the top of the blog. Try searching for Literacy Zone then clicking on the title that comes up. Let me know if that works.

  3. Hi Mrs Egerton and class 1/2,

    I have looked at Literacy and Maths Zone.

    They are both really cool and fun!!!!

    From Annabelle

  4. Hello Gr. 1-2 N.E.,
    I love this page. It has lots of interesting things to visit. I particularly like the Full Stops activities in Literacy Zone. I think I will show my class.
    Thank you from Mrs. Davey

  5. Hello grade 1/2NE,

    I really enjoy visiting your class blog and I especially like to show my daughters, Gabriella and Felicia all the exciting things you all learn at school.
    I also like showing them the activities in the Literacy and Maths zone, they have had some fun exploring the different activities.
    I am wondering, Which activities you all like to do?

    Look forward to hearing back from you,

    From Mrs. T 🙂

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